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Can You Work a 12 Step Program if God Isn’t Your Higher Power?

You know about 12 step programs. A few meet in the basement of your church or at the community center where you take art classes. Maybe you know someone in a 12 step program or are yourself participating in one. There are groups for all kinds of addictions. You can address your drinking, gambling, clutter, ….

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What Is Motivational Interviewing?

Addiction counseling and treatment differs from traditional behavioral therapy in one important respect. Not all addicts want to give up their addiction. Because of this, treatment is often coerced or even enforced by court order. The difficulty for therapists then becomes, “How do I reach this person?” Motivational interviewing, at its root, attempts to find out ….

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The Religion Of Alcoholics Anonymous

In a world that is becoming increasingly more secular, some people express a real sensitivity to religion and religious topics. Spirituality itself is no longer accepted by some, and talking about spiritual matters can be a turn off. The connect with psychics or fringe ideas is too easy. A problem for AA Alcoholics Anonymous was ….

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Can you Cure Addiction Using the 12 Steps?

Grappling with an addiction is hard work. The more that it grows, the more preoccupied you become with it, the more it takes over your reality, and the more you find yourself facing negative consequences in every aspect of your life. It is probably one of the worst feelings you have ever had to endure. ….

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Clean And Sober Living

It’s almost a universal truth: They come to AA, NA or other program to get help kicking what has become an evil and deadly habit. We don’t tell them it comes at a price. If we told them what was really required, many would look elsewhere. The price paid to get clean and stay sober is ….

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How Does 12 Step Facilitation Therapy Work?

12-step facilitation therapy often works in tandem with traditional 12-step programs to help addicted individuals recover and gain back control of their lives. This treatment method provides structure to an individual’s overall rehabilitation program and helps the individual shape their recovery in the way that is most beneficial to them. What is 12-step Facilitation Therapy? ….

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How Do I Approach Someone Else About 12-step Recovery?

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, addicts in AA and other 12-step programs are asked by the final step to “try to carry [the group’s] message” to other addicts in order to strengthen the program and help other individuals find their way. Therefore, approaching other individuals about 12-step recovery is an ….

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12 Ways to Control your Cravings

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, cravings are a part of both drug addiction and a cause for relapse. Unfortunately, cravings usually hit you when you least expect them and at the worst possible times. This is why you should know how to control your cravings before they happen. Luckily, there are things ….

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