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4 Myths About The Elderly And Substance Abuse

When someone tries to picture what a person with substance abuse looks like, most think of someone who is young, possibly even a teenager. Rarely do people think that the elderly would be associated with substance abuse, but it can be quite common. The NCBI states that substance abuse is becoming more and more prevalent ….

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What Does “First Things First” Mean?

Triage is the method used in emergency medicine to decide priorities. For individual patients, it comes down to a stepwise assessment and addressing the most important problems before the less important. The basics are: Start the breathing, then stop the bleeding, then protect the wound,then treat for shock. There’s an important sequence. It does little ….

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The Stages of Change Model in 12 Step Drug Treatment

As of the first day in drug treatment, addicts enter into a step-by-step process of change that works to undo the effects of addiction and create a lifestyle capable of supporting ongoing abstinence. Most all 12 Step drug treatment programs follow set protocols designed to promote ongoing growth and change throughout the recovery process. The ….

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AA Sayings And Quotes

I like to think of them as little nuggets of wisdom. They are the distilled, hard-won knowledge of more than 70 years of struggle with alcohol. Some are short and precise, some general purpose. Most of us have our favorites – those sayings that got us past a critical hump, or the quote that sounded ….

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Alcohol 12-Step Program

There’s a ongoing criticism of Alcoholics Anonymous: the program inflates what should be a simple and straightforward behavior change into an extended, sometimes years-long process. Those that make this claim point out a single step is the only thing needed – just stop drinking. Those who’ve participated in AA successfully strongly disagree. And the rationale for ….

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Online 12 Step Meetings

There is no shortage of formal and informal 12 step meetings online. The best selection comes with the groups that have been around awhile – AA and NA – but there are meetings for most 12 step programs. There are too many to list here, but directories are available here and here. So what are the upsides ….

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