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Principles Before Personalities

The Alcoholics Anonymous Bibliography site has a great essay on the principles of AA. Well worth reading. The essentials are this: Those character flaws we know from our failed life as an alcoholic can yield valuable principles when we do the opposite. For instance, where jealousy is the defect, trust becomes the principle to strive for. Where ….

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Benefits of an Online 12 Step Program

When it comes to addiction treatment, there is no denying the fact that 12 step programs have been useful for many years. There are many types of 12 step programs, with some of the most popular including: Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Cocaine Anonymous (CA). Once your time in rehab comes to an ….

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12 Step Sponsorship

Sponsorship in 12 step programs is a serious business. Essentially, it’s about mentoring someone, but there is much more than just showing them the ropes. For many new members, their sponsor becomes the face and substance of the program – they judge it by the interactions with this “old timer,” for good or ill. Good is ….

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Alcohol 12-Step Program

There’s a ongoing criticism of Alcoholics Anonymous: the program inflates what should be a simple and straightforward behavior change into an extended, sometimes years-long process. Those that make this claim point out a single step is the only thing needed – just stop drinking. Those who’ve participated in AA successfully strongly disagree. And the rationale for ….

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12 Step Prayers

One of the founding principles of AA and by extension, all other 12 step programs, is the reliance on a higher power for guidance and help. For Bill W, the founder of AA, this meant the peace and aid that comes from a heartfelt prayer. Since then, many prayers have been written around 12 step ….

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Alateen Meetings

One of the difficulties young people face with an alcoholic family member are different than adults face. But just like adults they can benefit by talking to peers about the situation. Alateen meetings are meant to address this need. If they are drinking themselves, AA will accept them, but Alateen meetings are a branch of ….

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AA Sayings

Alcoholics Anonymous has been around for more than 75 years (it was started shortly after Prohibition was repealed). In that time a great deal of wisdom has accumulated. Much of it is captured in the sayings, or slogans of AA. There are five sayings that are considered “original”. Easy Does It. First Things First. Think, Think, ….

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Is Addiction A Disease?

The argument goes like this: Addiction is no more a disease than any other habit or compulsion. It isn’t a disease because there isn’t a demonstrated genetic cause, it isn’t contagious, and you can’t take a medicine to cure it. In fact, according to AA and other organizations, the treatment is spiritual. At best, addiction ….

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