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What to Do When 12 Step Treatment isn’t Working

Since 1935, 12 step programs have been a staple of addiction treatment. According to Alcoholics Anonymous, the 12 step program works for most people. Unfortunately, it does not work for everyone. As each person is different, each addiction is different. A single treatment is not going to work out for everyone. Therefore, what do you ….

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Christian 12 Step Programs

The idea behind Christian 12 step programs is more cultural than anything else. Spirituality already plays a strong role in the 12 step model; the difference comes from the language and concepts used. By customizing a program that “speaks” to Christians, the concepts are more easily grasped. Jesus, the power of prayer and the Bible ….

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Is Alcoholics Anonymous A Cult?

In 1998, Charles Bufe wrote a book that criticized AA called, “AA: Cult or Cure?” The book is available online. He does a pretty good job of laying out the history of AA, its links to religion, and how AA is practiced today. But, in the end, Mr. Bufe cannot come to a solid, unambiguous conclusion. ….

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How AA Saved my Life and It Could Save Yours Too

As widely accepted as alcohol and drinking may be, for some people, a drink every now and then can quickly turn into a lifestyle all its own. This is exactly what happens for someone who’s physical, emotional or life circumstance create prime conditions for alcoholism to take hold. AA, or Alcoholics Anonymous, can be a ….

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Is There a 12-Step Program for Methamphetamine Addiction?

Unlike addictions to substances such as heroin and painkillers, methamphetamine addiction cannot be treated using prescription medications. But 12-step programs such as that offered by Alcoholics Anonymous have been proven effective at connecting addicts with the support and therapy needed to overcome addiction. If you or someone you love is suffering from meth abuse, understand ….

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The Hijacked Brain

Nature is truly bizarre. For instance, there is a fungus native to the jungles of Thailand that infects ants and turns them into zombies. The fungal parasite secretes chemicals that changes ant behavior to serve its own ends. And the behaviors are scary in their specificity. At one point in the process, it causes confusion, ….

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Can I Bring My Husband to My AA Meeting?

Alcoholism is a family illness.  Alcohol use disorder affects spouses, children and even extended family members.  Thus, recovery is important for the entire family. Who Marries an Alcoholic? While there are some stereotypes regarding personality types who tend to marry alcoholics, the uncomfortable truth is that anyone can marry an alcoholic.  Anyone can suddenly find ….

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12 Steps to Recovery Defined

In 1938, Bill W. and Dr. Bob founded Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and developed what would come to be known as the foundational twelve-steps to recovery. In 1953, AA first published Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, which cemented the steps and the basic Fellowship function of the group. Since then, the twelve steps have expanded their ….

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