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The “Easy Does It” Mantra

There’s a lot of solid, accumulated wisdom that has come out of AA and other addiction self-help groups. It would be nice to see some of these principles adopted by the larger population of non-addicts. The “Easy Does It” slogan is one of those. When someone first starts attending meetings – and they’re sober enough, for ….

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AA Promise #4: You Will Know Peace

The 12 Steps of AA provide those in recovery with an action plan for building an alcohol-free life. The AA Promises list the benefits a person will see along the way. In other words, AA Promises are “promises” the program makes to anyone who makes an honest effort at working the steps. As foreign as ….

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What are 12 Step Programs for Teens Like?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, overall substance abuse rates have declined slightly in teens over the past few years. However, the rates are still far too high. Also, that doesn’t answer what to do for teens that are already using drugs or alcohol. For them, one of the most successful treatment options ….

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Alcohol 12-Step Program

There’s a ongoing criticism of Alcoholics Anonymous: the program inflates what should be a simple and straightforward behavior change into an extended, sometimes years-long process. Those that make this claim point out a single step is the only thing needed – just stop drinking. Those who’ve participated in AA successfully strongly disagree. And the rationale for ….

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Step 7 of the 12 Steps

Step 7 of the 12 steps states, “We humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.” But what does this step entail and why is it important to practice it? Call now to find rehab centers where you can recover safely from addiction and begin your journey through the 12-step process. What Does Step 7 Mean? ….

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How AA Saved my Life and It Could Save Yours Too

As widely accepted as alcohol and drinking may be, for some people, a drink every now and then can quickly turn into a lifestyle all its own. This is exactly what happens for someone who’s physical, emotional or life circumstance create prime conditions for alcoholism to take hold. AA, or Alcoholics Anonymous, can be a ….

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Step 2: A New Beginning

Step 2 – “Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” If you’ve already made it past Step 1 of the 12 Step program, you already know how hard it is to accept the reality of addiction in your life. Step 1 marks the end of a long, hard ….

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Are 12 Step Programs Really Anonymous?

Everyone has heard the term anonymous when they talk about 12 step programs. It is important to think about the context of these meetings being anonymous. 12 step programs rely on people wanting to remain anonymous themselves. It counts on people’s desire to remain anonymous themselves. There are no guaranties when it comes to anonymity. ….

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