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Can 12 Step Programs be Bad for You?

Success or failure in addiction treatment is ultimately the responsibility of the person seeking treatment. Addiction is a complicated disease, and no one treatment program is right for everyone. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, almost all addiction treatment programs call for participation in group therapy, such as a 12 step program. But, ….

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How Will the Narcotics Anonymous 12 Steps Help Me Stay Clean?

For many people, staying drug-free after months or years of chronic drug abuse becomes an ongoing challenge that eventually drains their willpower over time. In the absence of some form of treatment or guidance, addiction’s effects will hound a person until he or she can’t take it any longer. Narcotics Anonymous 12 Steps is designed ….

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AA And Religion

There’s sometimes a link drawn between AA and Christianity. Historically this is accurate, and early writings do assume the membership at least has a nodding acquaintance with the religion. However, it’s a mistake to think that AA is only, or primarily an arm of the Christian faith. Currently, AA is practiced outside of any religious ….

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How to Avoid Alcohol During the Holidays

The holidays. Typically a time of cheer and familial bonding, for someone struggling with alcohol addiction or recovery it is a time of dread and temptation. The family get-togethers, the office parties, and the meetings with friends all become something to fear. This is because so many of these activities involve alcohol. However, there are ….

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12 Step Program For Depression

The 12 step model has been extended well past the original Alcoholics Anonymous roots. The same structure has found application in areas traditionally reserved for the medical profession as people look for group support with all types of problems. This is true for depression as well. Some of the groups are: Depressed Anonymous Depression Anonymous ….

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The History of Alcoholics Anonymous

Most everyone knows that an A.A. meeting is due to the mention in movies, TV shows, books, and more. According to the NCBI, Alcoholics Anonymous began in 1935 and has grown to become the most popular self-help organization in the world. But where did it start and how did it become what it is today? ….

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