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How 12 Steps Changed My Life

Some many people’s lives have been touched, changed, and turned around completely by the 12 steps. You can enter the program as a part of your professional rehab program or as an aftercare option, but it is important to consider how the 12 steps may be able to change your life. Call now to find ….

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12 Step Rehab

The study of addiction and treatment has produced some general principles that give the most hope for recovery. One of these is that “longer rehabilitation periods give better results.” Three to six-months of rehab are becoming more common — as opposed to just a week or two of withdrawal treatment and then release. A 12 step ….

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How to Make Amends Through 12 Step

Making a list of those you have harmed with your addiction and making amends for your harmful actions, the eighth and ninth steps in the 12-step philosophy, are some of the most important parts of the recovery process. However, it can be difficult to do make amends, and trying to can often lead to frustrations ….

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AA Sayings And Quotes

I like to think of them as little nuggets of wisdom. They are the distilled, hard-won knowledge of more than 70 years of struggle with alcohol. Some are short and precise, some general purpose. Most of us have our favorites – those sayings that got us past a critical hump, or the quote that sounded ….

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Principles Before Personalities

The Alcoholics Anonymous Bibliography site has a great essay on the principles of AA. Well worth reading. The essentials are this: Those character flaws we know from our failed life as an alcoholic can yield valuable principles when we do the opposite. For instance, where jealousy is the defect, trust becomes the principle to strive for. Where ….

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Non 12 Step Recovery Programs

For various reasons, some alcoholics and addicts shy away from 12 step programs. Sometimes it’s the structure or the reliance on spiritual principles. For others, they fear a group setting or they’ve heard about medications and other treatments not available in the 12 step community. I’ve even heard some complain about the lack of anonymity ….

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Stages Of Change Theory

The “stages of change” model for quitting bad habits (including addiction) was popularized in a 1994 book called, “Changing for Good,” by James Prochaska (and others). The important breakthrough was the multiple methodology approach adopted by the author. In other words, one particular method in psychology wasn’t preferentially favored – what worked was adopted in ….

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