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Does Science Really Lay the Foundation for 12 Step Recovery?

In modern times, science is king and most people evaluate their health decision based upon the latest scientific findings. In many ways, these scientific findings have intense societal impacts, as well as personal ones. Just look at the effect of the polio vaccine, introduced in 1952. Polio remains relatively rare in the United States, while ….

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How Step 1 of the 12 Step Program Tackles Addiction Head-On

After so many failed attempts to stop using, the hold drugs have over the body and mind becomes painfully apparent. Unfortunately, at this point, the drug’s effects have already trained the mind to ignore this reality and escape into more drug use. By the time a person enters recovery, he or she may be aware ….

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How Meditation and 12 Step Programs fit Together

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 12 Step or community based programs are often one of many valuable treatment methods for alcohol and drug addiction. An important part of any addiction treatment is being able to focus on addiction treatment. An excellent way to focus is through meditation and meditative techniques. Combing treatments ….

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Does Having a Relapse Mean I Have to Start the 12 Steps Over?

According to a study from the US Department of Veteran Affairs, substance use disorder patients “have high rates of post-treatment relapse and additional episodes of specialized care.” Attending self-help groups, like those that utilize the twelve-step method “may improve the likelihood of achieving and maintaining remission” and avoiding relapse. However, the issue still does occur ….

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Can You Work a 12 Step Program if God Isn’t Your Higher Power?

You know about 12 step programs. A few meet in the basement of your church or at the community center where you take art classes. Maybe you know someone in a 12 step program or are yourself participating in one. There are groups for all kinds of addictions. You can address your drinking, gambling, clutter, ….

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How to Avoid Alcohol During the Holidays

The holidays. Typically a time of cheer and familial bonding, for someone struggling with alcohol addiction or recovery it is a time of dread and temptation. The family get-togethers, the office parties, and the meetings with friends all become something to fear. This is because so many of these activities involve alcohol. However, there are ….

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Are there Non Religious AA Meetings?

Yes, there are non-religious AA meetings. Although it is a commonly held belief that AA is a religious based organization, it does not have to be. 12 step, AA meetings are often modified for those who do not want a religious form of treatment. The popular criticism of AA being strictly religions is untrue. What ….

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