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The 5 Stages Of Change

How people move from one entrenched behavior to another has fascinated psychologists for a long time. The question is also important in addiction treatment, where the change sought is breaking a powerful habit. The question, “How can I help someone change their ways?” turns out to be best answered by looking at where someone is ….

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Early History of Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous has been helping to treat alcoholism, and end the cycle of alcohol addiction for more than 80 years. Their longevity is primarily due to their simple philosophies, adopted from the Oxford Group, and the attitude of mutual help. To better understand these philosophies and attitude, it is important to know the early history ….

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12 Step Programs for Teens

Addiction of any kind is a complicated and dangerous disease. In teens, it is even more dangerous. Numerous studies have shown that adolescents that begin patterns of substance abuse are far more likely to continue these self-destructive behaviors into adulthood. This increases the likelihood of them committing crimes and being a detriment to the national ….

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12 Step Recovery Programs

The structure that started with Alcoholics Anonymous has spread far and wide in the 75 years since its inception. The 12 step model for recovery has been copied in a wide variety of areas where human beings struggle to overcome their harmful desires. While not all step programs necessarily pattern themselves after AA, most do. ….

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How Long will it Take me to Work Through All 12 Steps?

You attend an AA or NA meeting and you hear all of the other recovering addicts tout that they’ve been clean and part of the 12 Step program for 90 days, 120 days, 1 year, 2 years—sometimes longer. And then you start to wonder—“just how long will I need to be part of the 12-step ….

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Are 12 Step Support Meetings a Waste of Time?

Many people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction continue to experience physical discomforts long after they’ve stopped abusing substances. Whether in detox, residential or outpatient treatment, these discomforts “seem” to account for much of the difficulty involved with maintaining continued abstinence. Considering how physical discomfort seems to lie at the root of persistent drug cravings, ….

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8 Common 12 Step Recovery Groups

When it comes to 12 step programs, there’s no doubt the meetings and recovery support help addicts and alcoholics remain sober. But with so many options, it can be difficult to know which 12 step program you should choose, yet getting the right program can make or break an individual’s recovery. To help make the ….

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12 Step Recovery Jokes

We all need a little break from the seriousness of recovery. Humor can be good medicine. Watch out though, some of these border on racy – adults only please. Q: Why did the accountant do so well in AA? A: He was already a friend of bills. Q: Why aren’t people in recovery good dancers? ….

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