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How Step 1 of the 12 Step Program Tackles Addiction Head-On

After so many failed attempts to stop using, the hold drugs have over the body and mind becomes painfully apparent. Unfortunately, at this point, the drug’s effects have already trained the mind to ignore this reality and escape into more drug use. By the time a person enters recovery, he or she may be aware ….

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12 Step Program For Weight Loss

At the heart of any 12 step program is a realization that one’s life has spiraled out of control. Help is needed. Those who struggle with their weight can feel just as helpless as others and the structure of a 12 step program, along with the support provided in a group, can mean the difference ….

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What Can I Learn from the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) affects approximately 16.3 million adults in America.  Over 600,000 adolescents have been identified as drinking to excess.  Further, over 88,000 deaths globally have contributed directly to alcohol abuse.  The statistics are clear.  Alcohol is a problem for many. In the 1930’s one man ventured unwittingly upon a desperate quest to stop ….

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HAMS an Alternative to 12 Step Programs?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, no one specific treatment works for every person addicted to a substance. Although 12 Step programs are one of the most popular community based programs available, there are alternatives for those who do not subscribe to the 12 Step philosophies. One of these is the HAMS harm ….

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Pros and Cons of 12-Step Drug Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a disease characterized by chronic relapse. Studies estimate that nearly 3 million people receive the help of drug addiction treatment each year. Many choose 12-step addiction treatment as their guiding path to recovery—but why? 12-Step drug addiction treatment models have a number of pros and cons. Success rates vary depending largely on the ….

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AA Sayings

Alcoholics Anonymous has been around for more than 75 years (it was started shortly after Prohibition was repealed). In that time a great deal of wisdom has accumulated. Much of it is captured in the sayings, or slogans of AA. There are five sayings that are considered “original”. Easy Does It. First Things First. Think, Think, ….

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How a 12 Step Program Leads to Recovery Success

The advent of 12 Step programs occurred in the late 1930s. The programs flourished, and continue to, in both treatment centers and in the community. Although they are not for everyone, many people who try a 12 step program swear it helped them throughout recovery. There are a variety of ways 12 step programs do ….

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Alternatives To 12 Step Programs

The 12 step structure is a popular one for informal addiction treatment, but it doesn’t fit everyone. There are those who stumble with the spiritual aspects and those that reject the “incurable disease” idea. Some find group meetings uncomfortable and don’t get any benefit from sharing. For these, there are alternatives to 12 step programs. ….

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