Taking a Moral Inventory: A Transformative Experience

Most people are frightened to take a look at themselves or to put it differently at who they have allowed themselves to become. A person projects themselves onto the world using three in built tools: thought, speech, and action. These are essentially neutral tools that can be misused by a person's ego leading to "moral blemishes"or used correctly to not only attain congruency with the infinite, but also to spread the intrinsic quality of loving kindness that flows from the infinite source to help others lead a more fulfilled and "moral" life.

Taking a moral inventory gives the individual a chance to switch his three essential tools of thought, speech, and action from an improper usage to a proper one. This is why most people are scared away from undergoing this process. People are habitual and nothing is more habit forming than the way people live their lives. Most people are used to the way they think, speak, and act and this is precisely why it is so hard to realize that a moral inventory needs to be taken, let alone the actual undertaking of such a process.

If one thinks of the most intense physical workout, the body feels greatly dissatisfied with itself during the workout, but as time goes on the body's ability to function correctly in the world is greatly enhanced by the painful workout. The same can be said for changing one's self morally and spiritually, yet the key to success is the ability and desire to take a moral inventory of one's thoughts, speech, and actions in order to be ready to make amends and transform them into "well oiled"tools for self discovery and development. This is why Bill Wilson focused many of the 12 Steps towards identifying and transforming character flaws into positive character traits.

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