Does the 12 Step Program Really Work?

When it comes to traveling the road to sobriety, many different methods are available. One of the most popular methods is the 12 Step program. Many people think that the program is designed strictly for alcoholics. While the program was originally designed for Alcoholics Anonymous, it is often used for other types of addictions as well.

There are some people that have said that the program has literally saved their lives, while others have stated that it hasn’t made a significant change for them. There are several advantages to working the 12 Step program. Here are just a few.

Being Sober is a New Way of Living

It is often said that in order to have something that you have never had before, you have to do something that you have never done. You have become an addict that was accustomed to a different way of life. Now that you are sober and not under the haze of drugs or alcohol, the world may seem a lot scarier than what you last remembered it to be. Many people start using because they do not want to deal with reality. Working the program can help you with setting goals in your new life.

You Don’t Want to be Isolated any Longer

12 Step Program

Communicating with people that have similar stories will help you feel less isolated.

One thing that many addicts experience is isolation from friends, family, and loved ones. You may find yourself starting your journey alone for many different reasons. Being part of a 12 Step program allows you to be around others that can empathize with what you are feeling. You will have people that may be starting out, while other may be 20 years into their sober journey. Being in contact with these people helps with not having the “loser” complex and feeling like no one understands what you may be going through. It feels great to have people there to encourage your progress and understands how big of a deal it is that you did not use today.

Working the Steps Gives You a Road Map

When you decide that you are just plain tired of doing the same thing repeatedly, it is sometimes hard to figure out where to begin. This one thing is one of the major factors that keeps addicts in a vicious cycle. You become accustomed to doing the same thing even though the same thing is killing you. Following the 12 Step program gives you a road map of sorts to follow. For example, the first step is admitting that you have a problem. How many times have you told yourself that you can quit anytime you want? This program not only helps as a road map, but it also creates accountability.

The 12 Step program is not an instant cure for addiction. One of the program’s mantras is “it works if you work it.” If you are dedicated to your sobriety and you are willing to do the work, the program will work for you. The key is finding the method that works best for you.

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