Addicted To Thinking “Inside The Box”

In this session I will give you some ideas how to think outside the box in hopes you can try some of these things out for your own growth and if you want to write me and let me know how it is working out for you even better. In life, there are only a few guarantees, the day you are born, exit this earth and that life is always changing. You will be facing cross roads numerous times in your life and what direction you choose tells you how much you have learned or not, what you have learned or not, what you need to relearn.

For example, I have had patients in my office depressed, that have been laid off from work, have lost their home and now have to live with family members and take any job available to rebuild themselves up again. Does this situation seem familiar to you? Please don’t lose hope, life is going to get better, do not despair. You will in time move out, if you have a spouse/partner, children, etc, you will rent an apartment or buy a house again in time. The economy is horrible right now, too many people losing it all now, even people living in cars, under bridges, please do not do this, especially in Miami, it is very dangerous. There are shelters, even for families, until you rebuild and move out, they usually have counselors on site that can help you get food stamps, unemployment,etc. Remember take any job but keep applying for other jobs you would like better or/and that may you have a degree. I have come across teachers, real estate agents,etc who are doing other jobs. Don’t give up on your dreams, you are in a crossroad in life for a reason, some of life’s biggest blessings come from the hardest moment in one’s life.

Life’s hardest moment teaches us:

  • How to be wise with one’s money in the future, you have to set money aside for a rainy day, not just live paycheck to paycheck, because if you lose your job, you lose your home.
  • Be more spiritual and the importance to lean on God in the good and bad times.
  • It opens doors, new opportunities to do something different, grow in another direction.
  • You learn not to give up, but to keep persevering.
  • Things happen for a reason and in the long run, you learn the steps needed to be able to get through it.

If you get severely depressed because you have lost it all there is help out there:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Talking to family, friend or neighbors you can trust
  • In your state or area you live in there are call centers you can contact that are open 24 hours that can give you a refer to a mental health center near you, its usually done by your zip code.

Guys have patience things will go your way, just be patient and have faith, as the saying says ” good things happen to those who wait.”

Good luck !!

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