Be Careful When Picking Addiction Rehab Program

drugs_0.news3A Florida rehab center is warning people to be careful when picking a program to recover from drug or alcohol addiction – one size does not necessarily fit all.

In a news release from PRWeb, The Recovery Place in Fort Lauderdale said different addicts need different treatment, that “making the client fit the treatment, instead of the other way around, is a major cause for relapse.”

The release goes on:

Many treatment centers are based on a single track, for example a fully 12-step program for all clients, without taking into account the complex needs of the variety of addictions and other mental health problems that may exists with the program’s clients.

The Recovery Place does admit that there are some “common basics” for drug and alcohol rehab, but beyond that, people need individual treatment.

Many addicts also have another mental health issue, such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder. This is referred to as having a “dual-diagnosis.” These people need specialized care that something like a 12-step program cannot provide, claims The Recovery Place.

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