Celebrate Recovery

Here at TDA we explore many methods of recovery. Some traditional and some not so much. I have featured many articles on my explorations into AA, faith based, and philosophical methods. One of my greatest difficulties has always been the higher power question and I would be remiss not to highlight an organization for people who don’t have that problem. Living in the heart of the Bible Belt, it’s a reality that most people here have been brought up as Christians by their families, if they have any religious orientation at all. The number of Churches outnumber drinking establishments 20 to 1 in my area – and for those who were raised as or now consider themselves Christians, many of these churches offer an alternative to AA with a program known as Celebrate Recovery. Although Celebrate Recovery meetings are similar to those of other twelve-step programs, one difference is in their focus on Christianity. The program stresses that there is no other Higher Power except for Jesus, as opposed to Alcoholics Anonymous which encourage members to choose their own concept of a Higher Power. Another difference is that Celebrate Recovery does not require one to conform to a singleness of purpose declaration, a member does not have to qualify oneself as an alcoholic, addict, or gambler-there are no requirements for membership.

I have attended only one Celebrate Recovery meeting ever – a couple of years ago. But I can say that it was a good experience. Since most people attending these meeting are religious in the first place there seems to be an even more sense of bonding and “family” than what you get out of most AA meetings. And unlike the AA standards of coffee and cigs, these meetings often feature full on meals on a regular basis. I also liked the fact that you don’t declare what your problem is whatsoever, although 99 percent are there for the “normal” addictions. I have always felt the twelve steps could be helpful in personal growth areas other than addictions.

So if you already have a Higher Power, and you believe that power is rooted in the Holy Trinity, then by all means check it out – Christians can rock the recovery too.

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