Celebrity Rehab – I Might Just Check It Out

I’ve never been a huge fan of VH1′s Celebrity Rehab for the obvious reason that it seems to take advantage of other’s misery, albeit one they have agreed too. That being said, I do think that Dr. Drew’s heart is in the right place and it does highlight the disease in all its ugliness and fatality with many of it’s former participants ultimately succumbing to addiction (i.e. Mike Starr and Jeff Conaway). This season’s roster includes Sean Young, an actress who starred in two of my favorite sci-fi movies “Blade Runner” and “Dune”; and for that reason alone may catch more than the one episode per season that I have struggled through in the past. Another interesting resident this year is Jeremy Jackson, the actor who played The Hoffs son on Baywatch. His addictions include an unhealthy penchant for steroids. Jimmy Kimmel did a great mashup of Jeremy’s DOC list as related to Dr. Drew:

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