Famous Alcoholics – Nic Cage Leaving New Orleans

Never before profiled by TDA as a Famous Alcoholic himself, but making a grand argument to do so this last week is Nic Cage. The actor who came in number one on Screedler’s Top 10 Movies About Addiction for his portrayal of an alcoholic with a death wish in “Leaving Las Vegas” was arrested in New Orleans over the weekend after an argument with his wife spiraled out of control in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

According to Fox News witnesses said Cage was “very drunk” and arguing loudly with his wife Alice on the streets of New Orleans early Saturday morning. A cab driver said he saw Cage push his wife and called police. When officers arrived on the scene, they reportedly told Cage and his wife to go home. At that point, witnesses said, Cage told officers, “Why don’t you just arrest me?” Officers again told the couple to go home, and Cage reportedly dared them to arrest him again. He was arrested on one count of domestic abuse and one count of disturbing the peace, according to police records.

No one has actually reported he has left The Big Easy, but I bet his bail bondsman, none other than Dog the Bounty Hunter himself, has advised him to stay clear of Pat O’Brien’s and The Famous Door while he finishes filming his current project “The Medallion” in the Crescent City.

This video is a re-imagining of things that may have gone down this weekend:

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