The Fix Weighs In On The Weiner

Can you really be addicted to sex? Is sex addiction real? I know I need sex….sometimes I think I need it really really bad; doesn’t everyone? I also need air and water….sometimes really really bad. So am I an air addict? How can someone be addicted to something that is basic to survival (or in the case of sex, survival of the species), like food. The modern definition explains; that when the pursuit of, activity of, or usage of something to a degree (usually a quantitative measure) that it has negative consequences on the individuals well being – it can be classified as an addiction.

Joe Schrank, interventionist and Editor-At-Large of The Fix, was interviewed by veteran broadcaster Laurie Dhue on WPIX in New York and brings up some great points about addiction in general and Representative Weiner’s recent rehab emergency.

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