Move Over Robocop, There’s A New Mechanized Crime Fighter In Town

While not as intimidating or humanoid as Detroit’s robot lawman of the future, Saratoga County of New York is using advanced technology to curb intoxicated driving. In compliance with a recent New York state requirement, anyone convicted of misdemeanor or felony DWI is required to install an Ignition Interlock device in any vehicle(s) they own or operate, even first time offenders.

The device requires anyone driving the vehicle to blow into a cell phone sized receiver just as they would for a police breathalyzer, and if their BAC is higher than a certain threshold (.05 percent in Saratoga County) – the car will not start. In addition to the breathalyzer component, the Interceptor Ignition Interlock device is equipped with a GPS that can be used to locate and track the vehicle, a camera on the dashboard that ensures the driver and breathe tester is the same person, and instructions relayed through a speaker on the dashboard. Beyond rendering the vehicle inoperative, it also sends an e-mail to the probation department or monitoring agency of any violations.

I bet if we could get an interview with the i3D it would say all robo-coppy that its prime directives are: “To serve the public trust, protect the innocent, and uphold the law.”

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