Newest Drug Campaign Scares Kids With Their Worst Fear – Ugliness

How do you influence teenagers? Threaten them with zits – and worse. From the makers of the widely seen Faces of Meth campaign, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office of Portland, Oregon is doing it again with their newest anti-drug campaign. The new program also features shocking before and after pictures of addicts as they transform from normal looking citizens into hideous zombie movie rejects after submitting themselves to the for realspecial effects of drug addiction.

The photos are part of a 48-minute documentary called “From Drugs to Mugs,” created by Deputy Bret King. King hopes that the documentary, which is available on a DVD along with a CD of mug shots, will help scare kids straight by showing them concrete evidence of damage that can occur within months from using meth, heroin or cocaine.

It may have taken a little thought to figure out the “This Is Your Brain on Drugs” campaigns of the past; no such imagination is needed for – This Is Your Face on Drugs .

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