Political Buzz – Gingrich On AA, Romney On Gingrich, And Blagojevich On Something?

Lots of news on The Fix this week about political figures and addictive behavior.  First on deck is a lengthy article on Newt Gingrich’s love of  The Big Book and how the 12 Steps saved his life.  While not admitting a drinking problem and making a point that he was not drinking at the time of his introduction to the text; speculation abounds about the true nature of his relationship with the sacred tome of AA.

That relationship was fodder for a not so subliminal jab by Mitt Romney in Saturdays debate that “A leader needs to be someone of sobriety and stability and patience and temperance”.  Does Romney really want to bring relationships with a higher power into the mix?

The last bit of news is not all that shocking.  It seems that a now convicted Rod Blagojevich may have a drug problem; a federal judge has recommended he enter a prison rehab program.  What his DOC? My guess would be cocaine…he certainly thought he was bullet proof.

My thoughts on the Romney/Gingrich issue can be summed up in this video….which begs the question; what does Romney want to stuff the ice chest with?

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