Shopping Addiction

In this session I will discuss shopping addiction.  When you go to the department store do you purchase on your credit cards everything you want to buy regardless that it is outside your means to pay it back?  Do you find yourself buying many items like for example, many dresses because you don’t have that color or that style and in your closet you have so much clothes they hardly fit in your closet?  Do you buy things because you can’t stop yourself from buying them no matter what?  Then you have a shopping addiction but do not despair, there is help out there for you.

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • The economy is bad right now and there is no job security out there at this point, please spend what is within your means, in other words, spend what you can pay back in a few months only, not thousands of dollars that will take you years to pay back.
  • Leave your credit cards in a vault at the bank, do not  carry them around with you. Make a budget and spend some money on the things you want to, then make sure you have enough to pay your bills and save something in your savings, with the rest of the paycheck.
  • Do an inventory of your closet, put all your short sleeve shirts together in one area, long sleeves in the other, etc. so you can see exactly how many of these items you actually have and what you forgot you had.
  • Give away excess clothing for instance to churches for poor people, donate them to a good causes like in Haiti or Japan, places where natural disasters have left many people with just the bare minimum of clothing.
  • Ask yourself do I really need this, can I live without this particular item?

Where To Get Help:

Final Thoughts:

  • There is always help out there, believe you can take control of the situation and take the necessary steps to do this, little by little, everything in life can be achieved in small steps and with preserverance.
  • You are not alone, there are both men and women out there who suffer from this addiction, you don’t have to do this alone, there is support out there to get through this.
  • I wish you luck on this journey and remember you got yourself into this, you can get yourself out of it, you deserve not to worry anymore about how you are going to afford the minimum payment on that credit card.

You can do this !!!

The best of luck to you !!!

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