Sober Tools #1 – Tools Sober

To start the new year off we are introducing a new feature to the site, one that begins today and will morph throughout the year into a helpful collection of  tips on how to get and stay sober.  We have always posted things that we are adding to our personal toolboxes of recovery, but have not done a good job of making it easy to find them here on the site.  So we are going to make a concerted effort to organize them (old and new) and add a new tab on the site devoted to self help and sobriety tips only, no stories on the latest celebrity mishap, new drugs, funny mugshots, or movie reviews – but maybe just a few songs here and there.

This one came up over and over trying to come up with an alternate name for the tab –  Tool’s  1993 song “Sober”.  I always thought it was a song against drug addiction because of it’s darkness, but interpretations vary on the web. The video features a mishapen humanoid preoccupied with what could be an old toolbox (or maybe it’s his stash) while suffering the torments of various creatures and afflictions. The screaming chorus of the song asks – “Why can’t we not be sober?” Well, Why can’t we be sober? Hopefully the tools found under this tab can help.

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