Stanton Peele Vs. Rush Limbaugh – Addiction Celebrity Deathmatch

Do you remember MTV’s Celebrity Death Match? This is one I wish they would do. I’m not a big fan of either Stanton or Rush. I think they both have valid points… sometimes, but as whole find them both disagreeable to my nature. It’s not as much as what they say sometimes; but how they present their views. But while I might disagree with a lot that Rush says, at least I find him entertaining from time to time. Not so much with Stanton. I don’t listen to Rush’s show, but just stumbled across this and thought I would share. I do find it odd that MSNBC would have a so called addiction expert musing on the Tea Party – but I guess it was a slow news day. IMHO Stanton really jumps the shark a few times in the excerpts. Take a listen and then if either view makes you angry – which will probably be the case …take a deep breath, relax and watch a real political celebrity death match from the past.

Congressional Deathmatch

Watch out for Ted Kennedy’s concealed weapon of choice!


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