Truth In Advertising

Cheap strong liquor is the friend and foe of underage drinkers and old alcoholics.  My first get sick drunk was in the 70′s on TJ Swan’s Mellow Night wine.  Believe me..that night was not mellow.

TJ Swan went off the market in the 80′s much to the joy of brain cells around the world.

Wild Irish Rose is the best selling wine at the store where I work.  Probably because it’s about 1.98 a bottle and packs an 18% alcohol content.

Customers who buy it have a special look, that usually comes with a special smell.  Let’s just say it’s not a fave of the local soccer moms.

Which brings me to Purple Death.

Another 18% wine that I can despise.

But at least it’s label jokingly tells you what you will likely get.

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