Using Food To Control Sexual Addiction

Readers: Please note this is not meant for children to read, only 18 years old or older, this article address excessive sexual urges and how to deal with them more effectively by comparing it to food cravings.

Hi, today I am going to discuss how food and sex have always been connected.  For instance, when you eat food you enjoy you make sounds to demonstrate how much you enjoy it, when you have sex you make similar sounds of pleasure.  When we eat it is to satisfy our hunger, when we have sex we want to satisfy our sexual urges.  The key to overcoming your sexual addiction is to learn how to control your sexual urges, very similar to how to control your cravings for food.

See throughout the years there have been patients that come to my office with a sexual addiction in that not one partner satisfies them enough, so they have one main partner and others on the side.  Remember if you are doing this, please use condoms with all your partners, there are a lot of sexually transmitted diseases out there that are deadly and/or permanent.

So Let’s Take A Look At This Method:

  • Let’s say you want to loose weight so you get on a diet and every week you eliminate one thing in your diet that has a lot of calories like drinking soda.  You have a sodas at every meal time, so the first week you reduce it to 2 sodas a day at meal times, the second week, 1 soda a day and drink water at the other 2 meal times and the third week, you do not drink any soda, you replace all the soda you would have drank with water instead.  Water is healthier for you.  Similarly, with sex, you have one main partner and other partners on the side, the first week you have 3 flings that week, the second week you have 2 flings that week and the third week, you have no flings that week, only staying true to your main partner.
  • So at every week you achieve your goal you can reward yourself by eating one favorite meal or snack.  For example, one less fling a week, you get 1 scoop of your favorite ice cream.  You do not need to gain weight in this process, just reward yourself a little.
  • Be patient, you can control your sexual urges, take it one day at a time and believe in your heart and mind you can do this, say things to yourself like ” I can control these urges, I only need my main partner to control these urges and it would hurt my main partner to find out that I am unfaithful to them and can actually destroy a good relationship, that these days are hard to find.”
  • In this article I compare sexual addiction to food as a method to use to reduce your sexual urges but you can try other things, like substituting that addiction with something good, like reading, writing, exercising, talking to others about something else, listening to music when you are fighting these urges, you have to discover what works for you the best.

Where To Get Help:

  • Individual counseling, there are regular therapists that can help you or if you prefer there are therapist who just specialize in sexual issues like sex therapists, it is up to you.
  • Group therapy such as Sex Addicts Anonymous or
  • Close friends or family members that you feel comfortable talking about this

Final Thoughts:

  • You can control your sexual addiction like you can control food cravings, little by little.
  • With weekly goals, rewards and processing with others your progress, you can get these goals achieved, remember these changes are life long  changes that we need to work on.
  • You have been able to obtain goals in your life, in other aspects, apply what you have learned and use it in this issue, you deserve to be happy.
  • Remember, it takes 21 days for something to become a habit, the more you practice the more second nature it will become for you, you don’t have to make such a conscious effort all the time.
  • You can do anything you set your mind to do, habits are a process to brake but keep with it and in time you will see you can succeed.  Then its just a matter of knowing what are things you can do and the things you can’t and focusing on your strengths to get through these times, not your inabilities.
  • You are your own hero, so I wish you luck on your path to success and you and only you can reinvent yourself.  YOU CAN DO IT!
  • Remember be spiritual, any religion is important, it instills hope and healing.   Don’t ever be embarrassed to cry in church, it is sort of expected in many religions, it’s ok.

Best regards and may you find the strength inside yourself to make it happen!

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