Judaism And Addiction

There has always been many faces and paths within Jewish thought and observance. Most approaches espouse adherence to the Torah in some form or another. The Torah, being a book of guidelines and advice to serve the Infinite Creator, acts as a tremendous blueprint for addiction recovery.

Torah = A Blue Print for Life

Jewish mystics insist that the “Tree of Life” in the famous biblical story of the Garden of Eden is really a supernal version of the Torah. Taking this approach the wisdom held within is endless and timeless. The Torah is said to give life to anyone who delves into it – Jew and Non-Jew alike.

Addiction Recovery Using the Torah and Judaism

The harnessing of the power of the Torah, especially it’s mystical side has begun to take root, even amongst addiction recovery groups. There are many rabbis and spiritual guides who use the many mystical traditions held within the Torah, from Kabbalah to Chassidut to give hope and inspiration to the recovering addict. Despite these varied approaches they all share a vision of strengthening an addict’s simple faith in the Infinite and giving encouragement to do acts that spread loving kindness in the world. The result of which is a life of harmony, both inside and out.

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