Infinite Source

The quest for God or a higher power has been part of humanity’s defining attributes since it’s beginning. The desire to cleave and have a relationship with the divine is an intrinsic part of person’s journey in life and it is this relationship, which tends to be ultimately personal and yet at the same time¬†spirituality often times takes on a social element.

Oneness = Nothingness

If one considers for a moment the idea of infinity, what needs to be understood is that if something is infinite then it is really one and singular. This singularity or oneness is not an item or a thing we can ascertain, rather it is reality, the only reality. The idea of a singularity, which is infinite precludes the existence of anything else outside of it. This means that infinity begets timelessness and without space. What does this mean for our reality since what was just said indicates that the finite in which we dwell seems to exclude the possibility of some sort of negating circumstance like an infinite reality? We know logically this does not work and it is the solution to this conflict between the finite world and it’s infinite source which is the root of humanity’s yearning.

Essentially the higher power or oneness that is sought stands as a root to everything and can be seen by most spiritual paths as pure nothingness. This is so, because opposed to our physical universe, which is nothing more than a reality filled with multiplicity, the infinite source that stands at it’s root is singular, creating a perspective of nothingness or negation. In truth, it is this nothingness or singularity that fills our universe, “breathing” a powerful life force into everything and it is this life force people feel from time to time penetrate their lives.

Attaining Nothingness, Reaching Authenticity

The search for self meaning and authenticity is accomplished most when a person attains a level of “nothingness,” which is in fact their true selves. This experience of self nullification is not as some believe a complete loss of identity, rather it is cleaning out of those character traits and experiences that cause people to act selfishly leading most to a confused state of being, ultimately disconnecting their core self, (which is most attached to the infinite) from the conscious, physical self. The idea of attaining nothingness in relation to one’s physical self is an essential step in reaching the authentic root.

12 Steps and Attaining Authenticity with the Infinite

12 Steps, like many systems designed to help people reach a sense of self discovery, relies heavily on the nullification of ingrained conscious habits in order to make a space for an injection of infinite qualities of selflessness and kindness. Rooted in the mechanism of the 12 Step system is an anchor of selflessness brought about by an authentic discovery of self, which flows from an ongoing “letting go” go of the inauthentic self. The entirety of the 12 Steps and their success depends heavily on “the abandonment” of the physical desires, which tend to create a false sense of right and wrong, by turning “our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him.”

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