Female Drunk Drivers Are “Distressed”

booze_0.news3A new study has come up with a profile of the typical female drunk driver – a woman who is turning to alcohol because she is “distressed.”

According to a report from the Press Association, the study out of the University of Nottingham said women who drink and drive are more likely to be older, better educated, and divorced, widowed or separated.

The study found that emotional issues and mental health problems triggered alcohol-related offenses.

“The profile of women drink-driving offenders is of being divorced, widowed or separated and having fewer previous convictions than their male counterparts,” said lead researcher Professor Mary McMurran. “Thus, it may be that these women are distressed by their situation and are turning to drink for solace.

The study also found that rehab programs may actually do more harm than good.

“Treatment programs that induce negative emotions may actually increase emotional distress, which may increase drinking and, in turn, increase the likelihood of alcohol-related offending,” said McMurran.

McMurran is calling for more effective treatment programs designed specifically for women.

The study will be published in Clinical Psychology Review.

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