“Hazelden Connection” Helps Addicts Following Treatment

Hazelden, one of the world’s largest and most respected drug addiction treatment centers, has announced a new program to help people after they leave treatment. Called Hazelden Connection, the 18-month program offers a wide range of support for recovering addicts. “For people who’ve been accustomed to planning their days around drinking or other drug use, ….

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Dual Diagnosis In Treatment Centers

One of the terms throw around in addiction treatment is “dual diagnosis.” It refers to a patient who has an addiction as well as an underlying mental disorder. Because addiction has a psychological/mental health component, this isn’t surprising. Either the addict starts off trying to treat some problem or they develop it because of the ….

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New Addiction Book Combines Science And Personal Experience

There is no shortage of books about addiction. They follow a predictable pattern leading from despair to triumph and they tug at our heart strings. The book by Dr. Marc Lewis is a bit different though. His degree in neuroscience and his addiction to heroin and experiences with other drugs combine to present the science ….

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Recovery On Campus

In what may turn out to be the first instance of a really great idea, Rutgers University in New Jersey has started a new type of residential hall – for those in addiction recovery. The dorms are an outgrowth of the university’s alcohol and drug assistance program and they have one essential element – students are protected ….

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