In Defense Of Suboxone Treatment For Heroin Addiction

sub.news3The drug Suboxone, given to heroin users to help them quit a heroin addiction, has come under fire lately by doctors who say the addict is just trading one addiction for another. High-profile TV doctor Drew Pinsky is a leading opponent of Suboxone.

Just like heroin, Suboxone is an opiate, and carries a risk of addiction. But many doctors are just as loud in their support for it.

Dr. John Vigil is one such medical professional. The Albuquerque addiction specialist responded to recent reports of people abusing Suboxone in his city.

He said he doubts many addicts are abusing Suboxone, saying it does not offer the same high as heroin. And he points out Suboxone treatment is highly regulated.

“It is a federal regulation that any doctor that prescribes Suboxone or Suboxone treatment must either provide counseling therapy or make referrals for those patients to go for appropriate treatment,” Vigil told KOB-TV.

Vigil said Suboxone is very effective. Combined with therapy, Suboxone has a 90% chance of success for heroin addicts.

Vigil admits it is risky treating an opiate addict with another opiate, but he claims it offers the addict the best chance of getting clean.

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