Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine addiction is perhaps one of the strongest and powerful addictions in the world. Nicotine is found in tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and chewing tobacco. Nicotine works by activating the nicotinic receptors in the brain thus increasing the production of the following neurotransmitters: dopamine, acetylcholine, and norepinephrine.

Nicotine addiction can begin shortly after a person’s first experience with tobacco products and due to the nature of nicotine and social pressures, the nicotine addict will find it hard to break his or her addiction.

Although it is hard to sever one’s nicotine intake there are more and more nicotine addiction treatments available all the time. Most of these treatments come in the form of nicotine patches or gum. Over a period of nicotine is reduced and tapered helping the user to break their addiction.

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