Step 6

Step 6 begins an inner purification if you will. By the addict sublimating himself or herself to a higher source an inner cleansing takes place. Its this inner cleansing that allows the addict to feel renewed and thus begin anew.

Step 6 starts the addict on a path to spiritual and inner maturity, allowing him or her to feel distanced from what was once the terror and despair of addiction and draw close to the joy of inner and outer peace. Of course this is a process and in the beginning, allowing these defects to become removed might actually be traumatic like severing one’s limb from it’s body, but in reality a beautiful flower exists inside and through the shedding of these defects through the connection to an infinite source, the flower will be able to blossom.

Step 6 is not task-heavy; recovering addicts admit to being ready to have the character defects already explored in prior steps, such as resentments, fears and remorse, removed from them by their higher power.

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