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5 Ways the NA Steps Can Get You Through the Day Drug-Free

Drug addiction’s effects can impact a person’s life in profound ways. For many, stopping drug use leaves behind feelings of hopelessness to the point where day-to-day living feels empty and lacks purpose. During the course of a growing addiction, a person develops an emotional attachment with drugs and the central role they play in his ….

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12 Step Recovery Gifts

The spiritual gifts we gain from recovery through the 12 step program in AA are laid out in step 9. They come in the form of promises and demonstrate the healing that is occurring. The gift of freedom and happiness. Many in recovery cannot comprehend that such a state is even possible, and part of the addiction ….

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Step 1 – Why Do I Have to Admit I’m an Addict?

For someone considering drug rehab, admitting a loss of control over drug use can be one of the most difficult steps in recovery. More often than not, a person really believes he or she is still in control in spite of the widespread destruction addiction has caused in his or her life. As this central ….

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3 Ways Step 5 NA Begins Your Real-Life Walk in Recovery

Step 5 – “Admitted to our Higher Power, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.” Change happens from the inside-out. This means any type of behavior starts out as a thought that’s processed to the point where it’s played out in a person’s daily life. As far as 12 ….

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12 Ways to Control your Cravings

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, cravings are a part of both drug addiction and a cause for relapse. Unfortunately, cravings usually hit you when you least expect them and at the worst possible times. This is why you should know how to control your cravings before they happen. Luckily, there are things ….

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Is Fear Preventing You From Getting Sober?

Feelings of fear can be a powerful motivator, directing a person’s actions on both conscious and unconscious levels. Both drinkers and non-drinkers alike encounter fear at some point in their lives. While each person can choose how to react to this emotion, people struggling with drinking problems have the damaging effects of alcohol to contend ….

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Can 12 Step Meetings Help with Heroin Withdrawal?

Yes, 12 step meetings can help with heroin withdrawal. Narcotics Anonymous is the most prominent of the 12 step heroin recovery programs. According to Narcotics Anonymous, their only rule is the desire to remain sober. With this philosophy, they offer a support structure, steps to recovery, and alternatives to addiction. How the 12 Steps Help ….

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AA And Religion

There’s sometimes a link drawn between AA and Christianity. Historically this is accurate, and early writings do assume the membership at least has a nodding acquaintance with the religion. However, it’s a mistake to think that AA is only, or primarily an arm of the Christian faith. Currently, AA is practiced outside of any religious ….

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