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AA Sayings

Alcoholics Anonymous has been around for more than 75 years (it was started shortly after Prohibition was repealed). In that time a great deal of wisdom has accumulated. Much of it is captured in the sayings, or slogans of AA. There are five sayings that are considered “original”. Easy Does It. First Things First. Think, Think, ….

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Is Addiction A Disease?

The argument goes like this: Addiction is no more a disease than any other habit or compulsion. It isn’t a disease because there isn’t a demonstrated genetic cause, it isn’t contagious, and you can’t take a medicine to cure it. In fact, according to AA and other organizations, the treatment is spiritual. At best, addiction ….

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12 Step Recovery Gifts

The spiritual gifts we gain from recovery through the 12 step program in AA are laid out in step 9. They come in the form of promises and demonstrate the healing that is occurring. The gift of freedom and happiness. Many in recovery cannot comprehend that such a state is even possible, and part of the addiction ….

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Are 12 Step Support Meetings a Waste of Time?

Many people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction continue to experience physical discomforts long after they’ve stopped abusing substances. Whether in detox, residential or outpatient treatment, these discomforts “seem” to account for much of the difficulty involved with maintaining continued abstinence. Considering how physical discomfort seems to lie at the root of persistent drug cravings, ….

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Can 12 Step Programs be Bad for You?

Success or failure in addiction treatment is ultimately the responsibility of the person seeking treatment. Addiction is a complicated disease, and no one treatment program is right for everyone. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, almost all addiction treatment programs call for participation in group therapy, such as a 12 step program. But, ….

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