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The Meaning Behind the Serenity Prayer

According to Alcoholics Anonymous, the serenity prayer is a prayer said at the beginning and sometimes the ending of every Alcoholics Anonymous or 12 Step meeting. This prayer is meaningful to the recovering addicts who say it and to those that have been harmed by drugs and alcohol. What is the Serenity Prayer? Introduced to ….

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12 Step Sponsorship

Sponsorship in 12 step programs is a serious business. Essentially, it’s about mentoring someone, but there is much more than just showing them the ropes. For many new members, their sponsor becomes the face and substance of the program – they judge it by the interactions with this “old timer,” for good or ill. Good is ….

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Can I Attend a 12-step Group as My Only Form of Treatment?

Some people do attend a 12-step group as their only form of treatment. However, these programs are usually meant to be a supplemental treatment option for those who receive help from them. If you are considering attending 12-step group meetings as your only treatment for addiction, ask yourself if this will be enough for your ….

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How 12 Step Programs Deal with Recovery and Relapse

Anyone who’s been through drug treatment has likely encountered the 12 Step program approach in one form or another. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 12 Step support groups work in much the same way as group therapy in terms of offering needed social supports while helping addicts develop healthy coping skills for ….

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Does Having a Relapse Mean I Have to Start the 12 Steps Over?

According to a study from the US Department of Veteran Affairs, substance use disorder patients “have high rates of post-treatment relapse and additional episodes of specialized care.” Attending self-help groups, like those that utilize the twelve-step method “may improve the likelihood of achieving and maintaining remission” and avoiding relapse. However, the issue still does occur ….

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Understanding the 12 Step Program Philosophy

The 12-step program has been a popular treatment for alcohol addiction since the book Alcoholics Anonymous was released in 1939. Over time, it has also been used to treat other types of substance abuse and even behavioral addictions, but many individuals do not understand the basic philosophy of the program, which can be boiled down ….

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What’s the Point of 12 Step Prayers?

Whether you are religious or not the 12 step prayers may be beneficial to your recovery. Although some may be reluctant to engage in prayer, there are definite benefits to using prayer to help you with prayer to help you with your recovery. These benefits are the point to using 12 step prayers in your ….

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