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Explaining your 12 step program to your family

After you admit that you are an alcoholic or have a serious problem with alcohol, you might find yourself explaining yourself to your friends and family. This can be difficult to do depending on your family history or what happened while you were drinking heavily. According to the National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, ….

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Stages Of Change Theory

The “stages of change” model for quitting bad habits (including addiction) was popularized in a 1994 book called, “Changing for Good,” by James Prochaska (and others). The important breakthrough was the multiple methodology approach adopted by the author. In other words, one particular method in psychology wasn’t preferentially favored – what worked was adopted in ….

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Comparing My Favorite Part of 12-Step Recovery to Rational Recovery

Twelve-step programs and Rational Recovery are two completely different recovery programs proven useful at treating addiction. While 12-step recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous are more popular and widely known for treating addiction, Rational Recovery offers a unique non-spiritual approach to maintaining abstinence from substances. If you’re currently participating in a 12-step recovery program to ….

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How Do AA Promises Fit Into the 12 Step Program?

While addiction may well be classified as a chronic medical condition, the recovery process has as much to do with healing the mind and spirit as it does healing the body. People going through recovery experience change in every aspect of their lives to the point where a total personality change gradually takes place. The ….

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10 ways to politely say no to holiday cocktails

If you are in a 12 step program around the holiday season you certainly will be tempted by the sheer amount of drinking that goes on during the holidays. Although the best way to avoid drinking is to go to sober only parties, this is not always possible. Company parties and family gathering will almost ….

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Alcohol 12-Step Program

There’s a ongoing criticism of Alcoholics Anonymous: the program inflates what should be a simple and straightforward behavior change into an extended, sometimes years-long process. Those that make this claim point out a single step is the only thing needed – just stop drinking. Those who’ve participated in AA successfully strongly disagree. And the rationale for ….

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