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How 12 Step Recovery Helps to Repair Our Relationships

The path to recovery can be difficult, especially during the first year. Much of this difficulty has to do with facing the damage addiction leaves behind in terms of your relationships and self-esteem. According to the Yale Journal of Biology & Medicine, for most people, the recovery process unfolds in three main stages: abstinence, repair ….

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How the NA 12 Steps Can Help You Break Free From Addiction’s Hold

Anyone who’s gone through detox only to find him or herself back using drugs knows how addiction’s effects can linger on after stopping drug use. Once addiction takes hold, it’s not uncommon for addicts to go through multiple rounds of detox treatment before seeing any real results. Once you step back into the world drug-free, ….

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Is a 12 Step Meeting Really Going to Change My Life?

The first meeting you attend may not go so far as to change your life, but it is likely that, if you stick with the program, it will make a tremendous difference in your recovery over time. Call now to find rehab programs where you can attend 12 step meetings and receive access to other ….

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Can 12 Step Meetings help with Relationship Problems?

Yes, 12 step meetings can help with relationship problems. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 12 step programs are easy to integrate into addiction treatment. A part of the 12 steps is to make amends to those you hurt. Drug and alcohol abuse can cause serious problems in relationships between friends and family. ….

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What’s the Point of 12 Step Prayers?

Whether you are religious or not the 12 step prayers may be beneficial to your recovery. Although some may be reluctant to engage in prayer, there are definite benefits to using prayer to help you with prayer to help you with your recovery. These benefits are the point to using 12 step prayers in your ….

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What Is A 12 Step Program

A 12 Step Program is a model, derived from Alcoholics Anonymous, that has shown benefits for helping variety of addictions. The steps follow a similar pattern, with sleight modifications, no matter what the addictive behavior is. This is because the problem is seen as the same, no matter what the particulars are. 12 step programs concern ….

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12 Ways to Make a 12 Step Program Work for You

To some 12 Step programs, seem easy because they have a clear path to recovery. This is not necessarily true. There is no clear path to recovery, recovery is hard work but there are things that you can do to make it a bit easier on yourself during your 12 Step recovery. 1. Learn the ….

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