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Do 12 Step Programs Help with Behavioral Disorders?

Yes, 12 Step programs do help with behavioral disorders. The same methods that programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous use work for other disorders as well. Another name for behavioral disorders is behavioral addiction. This is the compulsion to do something, such as gamble or eat even though it causes you harm. Many of the more ….

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12-Step after Inpatient Rehab– What’s It Like?

Inpatient rehabilitation is a time for reflection and renewal.  With intense individual and group therapy, some patients often feel that they are building themselves into an entirely new person.  Issues that were stuffed into deep emotional pockets and coated with alcohol or other substances are uncovered.  Managing the mire of emotions takes time and ongoing ….

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How Spirituality Can Help in Addiction Treatment

According to New York University, Medical Center, spirituality is the part of a person that seeks higher meaning in order to rise above their suffering. This is a concept that eastern philosophy has embraced for thousands of years. For years, western doctors and spiritualists have operated separately to the detriment of people suffering from addictions ….

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Are there Non Religious AA Meetings?

Yes, there are non-religious AA meetings. Although it is a commonly held belief that AA is a religious based organization, it does not have to be. 12 step, AA meetings are often modified for those who do not want a religious form of treatment. The popular criticism of AA being strictly religions is untrue. What ….

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Preparing for Your First 12 Step Meeting

Since the 1930s 12 step programs have been a big part of addiction recovery. These meetings provide a sense of community and mutual support. Many people suffering from addiction are anxious, unbalanced, and generally frightened by the prospect of living without their addiction. Walking into a room of people in this condition can be a ….

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12 Steps to Recovery Defined

In 1938, Bill W. and Dr. Bob founded Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and developed what would come to be known as the foundational twelve-steps to recovery. In 1953, AA first published Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, which cemented the steps and the basic Fellowship function of the group. Since then, the twelve steps have expanded their ….

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