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4 Ways the AA 12 Steps Helps You Beat Cravings

For many in recovery, overcoming alcohol addiction turns out to be harder than expected. Even after drinking stops, cravings for alcohol can persist for months or even years thereafter. When there’s no recovery plan in place, these conditions leave a person at ongoing risk for relapse. As elusive as cravings may seem, they actually result ….

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What Is the Big Book?

If you’re new to the 12 steps, you’re bound to hear references to the Big Book at just about every meeting you attend. But what is it? And why is it so important in AA and other 12 step programs? While everyone calls it the Big Book, what they’re actually referring to is the book ….

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What Should I Do if 12-Step Programs Aren’t Right for Me?

It is common for people to say that one treatment will never be right for everyone. However, this can be difficult to cope with, especially if you realize that 12-step programs, one of the most commonly used treatment options, are not beneficial to you. What should you do when you find out that 12-step programs ….

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15 Reasons to Go to a Meeting Today

According to the Alcoholics Anonymous website, you can go to meetings any time you feel the need to. Returning to meetings after an absence can prevent a relapse. There are many reasons why you should go to a meeting as soon as you notice any of these things. 1. You Find Yourself Craving Drugs or ….

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3 Things to Consider When Working Step 11 NA

Step 11 – “Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.” As important as it is to maintain healthy thinking and make good choices, cultivating a sense of spiritual well-being helps ….

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How Can I Get My Family Involved in My 12-step Treatment?

It can be much easier to stick with a 12-step program if your family members support your decision to attend meetings and are generally involved in the treatment itself. While it can be difficult to get this sort of involvement from your loved ones at first, there are ways in which you can help them ….

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12 Step Programs For Addictions

There’s a slightly insulting word that’s made its way into the language. A “stepper” is someone who is enrolled in a 12 step program for addiction. The negative spin is that they are seen as weak-willed or pushy about a cult-style self-help model. In some ways, those outside the movement think of anything labeled 12 ….

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