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12 Step Program For Food Addiction

While the debates rage on about whether there should be a clinical, “official” diagnosis of food addiction, those who can’t control their eating aren’t waiting. They’ve found other resources, besides surgery and weight-loss clinics. Perhaps it’s summed up best by one statement, “My weight isn’t the problem, that’s a symptom of the real problem, my ….

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12 Step Bible

Although some AA members will refer to the AA Big Book as the “Bible” for their program, the Holy Bible has much to offer those in treatment. One excellent list of verses matched with the AA program — a 12 step bible — can be found at the Christian 12 step program site, Alcoholics Victorious. ….

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Why 90 Meetings In 90 Days?

If you’ve ever been to a 12 step meeting or through an inpatient drug and alcohol addiction program, you’ve probably been told to do 90 in 90. Ninety meetings in 90 days is a recommendation for anyone who’s leaving drug and alcohol treatment, anyone who’s relapsed, or anyone who feels like they’re slipping (remember that ….

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Understanding the 12 Step Program Philosophy

The 12-step program has been a popular treatment for alcohol addiction since the book Alcoholics Anonymous was released in 1939. Over time, it has also been used to treat other types of substance abuse and even behavioral addictions, but many individuals do not understand the basic philosophy of the program, which can be boiled down ….

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What It Means to Work the Program

When it comes to the 12 step programs, people have all kinds of opinions. Some people love it. Some people hate it. And some people say it doesn’t work. But those people are wrong. For decades, the 12 steps of recovery have helped people recover from alcohol and drug abuse. Step into any AA or ….

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12 Step Programs for Atheists

An atheist walks into a 12 step meeting. While this may seem like the opening line to a joke, it is, in fact, a far more common occurrence than one might imagine. Addiction is a disease that does not discriminate based on religion, faith, or the belief in a higher power. Since the advent of ….

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4 Ways the AA 12 Steps Helps You Beat Cravings

For many in recovery, overcoming alcohol addiction turns out to be harder than expected. Even after drinking stops, cravings for alcohol can persist for months or even years thereafter. When there’s no recovery plan in place, these conditions leave a person at ongoing risk for relapse. As elusive as cravings may seem, they actually result ….

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Can 12 Step Meetings Help with Heroin Withdrawal?

Yes, 12 step meetings can help with heroin withdrawal. Narcotics Anonymous is the most prominent of the 12 step heroin recovery programs. According to Narcotics Anonymous, their only rule is the desire to remain sober. With this philosophy, they offer a support structure, steps to recovery, and alternatives to addiction. How the 12 Steps Help ….

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