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Why Is the Fellowship So Important in AA?

When people talk about AA, NA, and other 12 step groups, they’ll often mention the fellowship. But what is the fellowship? And how do you become a part of it? The 12 Step Fellowship When it comes to 12 step meetings and programs, there are two different aspects to consider. There’s the program, including the ….

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12 Step Recovery Jokes

We all need a little break from the seriousness of recovery. Humor can be good medicine. Watch out though, some of these border on racy – adults only please. Q: Why did the accountant do so well in AA? A: He was already a friend of bills. Q: Why aren’t people in recovery good dancers? ….

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Things You Can Do to Complement 12 Stepping

Perhaps, you are getting sober all on your own and relying on a 12 step program to offer you the consistent support you need. Maybe, instead, you went into inpatient rehab and your current 12 step program is a way to maintain the group therapy that helped you so much in your inpatient treatment. Further, ….

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The Benefits of Attending Mutual-help Groups

Mutual-help groups, as stated by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, are “groups of two or more people who share a problem and come together to provide problem-specific help and support to one another.” These programs can be incredibly beneficial to recovering addicts as part of an overall treatment plan, and studies have ….

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Are 12 Step Programs Really Anonymous?

Everyone has heard the term anonymous when they talk about 12 step programs. It is important to think about the context of these meetings being anonymous. 12 step programs rely on people wanting to remain anonymous themselves. It counts on people’s desire to remain anonymous themselves. There are no guaranties when it comes to anonymity. ….

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How Al Anon Meetings Work

Al-anon is a group for family members of alcoholics. Like Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon is similar to community-centered group therapy. Most people who join Al-Anon do so for this support. The only requirement of Al-Anon is that you have a friend or family member that is struggling with alcoholism. The members in the group support each ….

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What Can I Expect at My First 12 Step Meeting?

Attending a 12 Step meeting for the first time can seem overwhelming, to say the least. Not knowing what to expect, feeling as if you have to participate and dealing with feelings of anxiety in general can make your first time at a meeting seem more difficult than it really is. The 12 Step support ….

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How Step 1 of the 12 Step Program Tackles Addiction Head-On

After so many failed attempts to stop using, the hold drugs have over the body and mind becomes painfully apparent. Unfortunately, at this point, the drug’s effects have already trained the mind to ignore this reality and escape into more drug use. By the time a person enters recovery, he or she may be aware ….

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