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The Religion Of Alcoholics Anonymous

In a world that is becoming increasingly more secular, some people express a real sensitivity to religion and religious topics. Spirituality itself is no longer accepted by some, and talking about spiritual matters can be a turn off. The connect with psychics or fringe ideas is too easy. A problem for AA Alcoholics Anonymous was ….

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12 Steps to Recovery Defined

In 1938, Bill W. and Dr. Bob founded Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and developed what would come to be known as the foundational twelve-steps to recovery. In 1953, AA first published Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, which cemented the steps and the basic Fellowship function of the group. Since then, the twelve steps have expanded their ….

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What is a Higher Power and Why is it Important to the Recovery Process?

Having a higher power is a very important concept during the recovery process. Some may choose a more religious definition while others will need something to help them through the difficult process. There are many different ways higher power can be important to the recovery process. God as a Higher Power There has never been ….

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Comparing My Favorite Part of 12-Step Recovery to Rational Recovery

Twelve-step programs and Rational Recovery are two completely different recovery programs proven useful at treating addiction. While 12-step recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous are more popular and widely known for treating addiction, Rational Recovery offers a unique non-spiritual approach to maintaining abstinence from substances. If you’re currently participating in a 12-step recovery program to ….

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12 Step Sponsorship

Sponsorship in 12 step programs is a serious business. Essentially, it’s about mentoring someone, but there is much more than just showing them the ropes. For many new members, their sponsor becomes the face and substance of the program – they judge it by the interactions with this “old timer,” for good or ill. Good is ….

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Is It Safe to Start Dating Someone Outside of 12-step?

For someone in these programs, dating a person who is not in a 12-step group, or who is not a recovering addict at all, can be difficult. But it can be worth it as long as both you and the person you’re interested in understand your needs as an individual in recovery. Ask Yourself First… ….

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How To Let Go And Let God

A fundamental principle of AA and NA is the recognition that we do not have power over our addiction and outside help is needed to maintain sobriety. The second and third steps of each program talk about this: Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. Made a decision to ….

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The Reality of Binge Drinking

Although many people do not consider binge drinking a form of alcoholism, the Centers for Disease Control considers it one of the most common forms of this disease. Additionally, binge drinking is one of the most common forms of drinking in general. Although many people do not know what binge drinking is it is a ….

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