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Christian Addiction Treatment

Faith based addiction treatment are not uncommon. Since one aspect of organized religion is to help a congregation, it is only natural to see ministries devoted to helping members who are addicted. The historical basis reaches at least as far back as hospitals set up by religious groups to serve their congregants as well as the ….

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Clean And Sober Living

It’s almost a universal truth: They come to AA, NA or other program to get help kicking what has become an evil and deadly habit. We don’t tell them it comes at a price. If we told them what was really required, many would look elsewhere. The price paid to get clean and stay sober is ….

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12 Step Principles

Along with the traditional twelve steps of AA, there are a series of linked principles. These restate and reinforce some of the issues common to the alcoholic community. Some refer to these as the virtues of Alcoholics Anonymous. Surrender – the act of admitting we are powerless on our own. Hope – also mentioned as ….

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How to Make Amends Through 12 Step

Making a list of those you have harmed with your addiction and making amends for your harmful actions, the eighth and ninth steps in the 12-step philosophy, are some of the most important parts of the recovery process. However, it can be difficult to do make amends, and trying to can often lead to frustrations ….

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12 Step Program For Weight Loss

At the heart of any 12 step program is a realization that one’s life has spiraled out of control. Help is needed. Those who struggle with their weight can feel just as helpless as others and the structure of a 12 step program, along with the support provided in a group, can mean the difference ….

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What Does “First Things First” Mean?

Triage is the method used in emergency medicine to decide priorities. For individual patients, it comes down to a stepwise assessment and addressing the most important problems before the less important. The basics are: Start the breathing, then stop the bleeding, then protect the wound,then treat for shock. There’s an important sequence. It does little ….

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What is the Serenity Prayer?

The serenity prayer is a simple prayer that many people in 12 step programs use to help them through recovery. It is part of the spiritual side of any 12 step program and it is said usually at the beginning and the ending of every 12 step meeting. This prayer forms part of the core ….

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What to do When your 12 Step Program isn’t Working

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 12 step programs are one way to treat drug and alcohol addiction. It is important to remember that it is not the only way. Not all 12 step programs suit the needs of the individual. Some people have a hard time with many of their concepts. When ….

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