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4 Ways NA 12 Steps Can Help You Crave a Drug-Free Life

Anyone who’s struggled with drug abuse and addiction well knows the pain and frustration this way of life brings. While it may start out as fun and games at the beginning, with each passing day it gets harder to get “high.” It also gets harder to stop using. By the time a person realizes he ….

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5 Ways the 12 Steps of NA Help You Create a Drug-Free Lifestyle

Stopping drug use is one thing. Staying drug-free is a whole different ballgame. Interestingly enough, many who successfully complete detox expect to be able to maintain continued abstinence. In actuality, addiction’s hold on your thoughts and behaviors will likely persist for months or even years after completing drug detox. Under these conditions, an unexpected relapse ….

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Developing a Willingness to Change Through Step 6 NA

Step 6 – “Were entirely ready to have our Higher Power remove all these defects of character.” It’s not uncommon for someone to enter into addiction recovery out of necessity rather than will; necessity, as in an ultimatum from a spouse or an employer. While there’s really no bad reason for entering addiction recovery, actually ….

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Is there a 12 Step Program for Food Addiction?

Yes there is a 12 step program for food addiction. There are 12 step programs for just about every addiction out there. The 12 step concept is one that appears to help addicts of all varieties. According to the National Library of Medicine, 12 step programs work when combined with other forms of therapy. With ….

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Early History of Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous has been helping to treat alcoholism, and end the cycle of alcohol addiction for more than 80 years. Their longevity is primarily due to their simple philosophies, adopted from the Oxford Group, and the attitude of mutual help. To better understand these philosophies and attitude, it is important to know the early history ….

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The “Easy Does It” Mantra

There’s a lot of solid, accumulated wisdom that has come out of AA and other addiction self-help groups. It would be nice to see some of these principles adopted by the larger population of non-addicts. The “Easy Does It” slogan is one of those. When someone first starts attending meetings – and they’re sober enough, for ….

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Is It Safe to Start Dating Someone Outside of 12-step?

For someone in these programs, dating a person who is not in a 12-step group, or who is not a recovering addict at all, can be difficult. But it can be worth it as long as both you and the person you’re interested in understand your needs as an individual in recovery. Ask Yourself First… ….

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