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Is Addiction A Disease Or A Choice?

If you want to start an argument in almost any treatment setting, that’s the question to ask. Underlying the answers you get will be a deep question about responsibility. If it’s a choice, well then, addicts bear the entire weight of their poor choice. In fact, it’s probably better to say it’s a character flaw. ….

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What Role do 12 Step Support Groups Play in Drug Treatment?

Anyone who’s abused drugs for months at a time well knows how uncomfortable the physical and emotional effects of drug abuse can be. Emotional distress coupled with developing withdrawal symptoms can easily keep a person using drugs, with no end in sight. Overall, the drug treatment process addresses these aspects of addiction through a range ….

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Non 12 Step Recovery Programs

For various reasons, some alcoholics and addicts shy away from 12 step programs. Sometimes it’s the structure or the reliance on spiritual principles. For others, they fear a group setting or they’ve heard about medications and other treatments not available in the 12 step community. I’ve even heard some complain about the lack of anonymity ….

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AA: An in Depth Look at Step 5

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the number one priority for a substance abuse treatment program is to help people live addiction free. One of the most common programs is Alcoholics Anonymous, a community based program involves alcoholics helping other alcoholics recovery from alcohol addiction. This program is comprised of 12 steps. Each ….

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Questions and Answers about 12 Step Addiction Treatment

When you are considering a 12 step addiction treatment program, you might find that you have questions that are not answered in the typical 12 step literature. Fortunately, there are many people who have the very same questions that you do. These are some of the questions frequently asked by those who are thinking about ….

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What is the Serenity Prayer?

The serenity prayer is a simple prayer that many people in 12 step programs use to help them through recovery. It is part of the spiritual side of any 12 step program and it is said usually at the beginning and the ending of every 12 step meeting. This prayer forms part of the core ….

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Step 2: A New Beginning

Step 2 – “Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” If you’ve already made it past Step 1 of the 12 Step program, you already know how hard it is to accept the reality of addiction in your life. Step 1 marks the end of a long, hard ….

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12 Step Treatment & Recovery in Just 10 Minutes a Day?

Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy solution to treatment or recovery but there are ways you can make it easier for yourself. By taking just 10 minutes a day to do one of these things you can help yourself recover from your addiction. Many of these suggestions are useful in combination with each other. ….

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