Step 2: A New Beginning

Step 2 – “Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

If you’ve already made it past Step 1 of the 12 Step program, you already know how hard it is to accept the reality of addiction in your life. Step 1 marks the end of a long, hard chapter in the lives of most addicts. Step 2 marks a new beginning.

More often than not, a lack of awareness that a problem exists leaves addicts stuck inside addiction’s trap. By the time you reach Step 2, you’ve entered into a new state of awareness, which is a powerful place to be.

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What Is the Purpose of the Second Step?

Step 2

Step 2 works to create a sense of hope that recovery is possible.

According to the U. S. National Library of Medicine, it doesn’t take very long at all for the addiction lifestyle to drain most all traces of hope from a person’s life. In effect, hope has been boiled down to getting the next “fix.” In effect, the drug’s effects produce a false hope that disappears soon thereafter.

The insanity of addiction lies in chasing this false hope in spite of the chaos and destruction it breeds in your life. Step 2 builds the foundation for a new life based on a hope that’s real.

Going It Alone vs. Seeking Outside Help

The 12 Step recovery process places a heavy emphasis on the need for addicts to seek outside help rather than trying to go it alone. For many, this may seem off-putting, especially when they’re told they’re powerless to overcome the effects of drugs in their lives.

On the other hand, someone who’s made multiple failed attempts to stop using drugs must sooner or later face the fact that going it alone isn’t working, according to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. In this respect, the need for outside help becomes plainly apparent.

Step 2 enters into this new awareness: that some form of outside help is needed.

Step 2 – Surrender – Facing the Emptiness Addiction Leaves Behind

The Higher Power Concept

Step 2 makes reference to a Higher Power and this power’s ability to restore a person to sanity. At first glance, this may seem like a religious theme, but it’s not.

Within the 12 Step approach, the Higher Power concept has to do with hope, which is essentially the “something” that’s greater than self. In this respect, your Higher Power can be anything that inspires a belief that recovery is possible, be it nature, the 12 Step program or your children.

Your Higher Power – The Long-Term Solution to Addiction

Twelve Step recovery provides a long-term solution for overcoming addiction’s effects in a person’s daily life. With addiction, drugs become the Higher Power. In recovery, you learn to develop and work inside the values that your Higher Power represents.

Ultimately, the Higher Power force of Step 2 draws from the core of who you are and the real hopes that lie within.

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