Heaven Isn’t Too Far Away For Jani Lane

He wasn’t 27. He was 47. I’m 48. He wasn’t some musical prodigy or trendsetter. But he will be remembered. Because I am right now. I used to have a CD by his band. Me and my friends even laughed back then at how “hair bandy” they were. But we liked the music and we thought it was cool or rockin or whatever local slang we used back then.

Jani Lane, the former lead singer of the metal rock band Warrant was found dead yesterday in a hotel room. While it sucks when anyone dies for any reason; we who have suffered or are suffering feel a small connection when it happens like this. Just like Amy, and Kurt, and Jim, and countless nameless others; he was alone when he died. Or at the very least, with someone who knew what was up and split.

It seems a fact, when we are alone for too long, the wheels in our heads sometimes spin in a direction of their own. The destination sometimes an unpleasant place – and sometimes it can be a dead end. So try to make friends, try to stay in touch, and don’t stay isolated for too long. It’s usually not a good thing. I never saw Warrant in concert, but a friend of mine did and I talk to them every couple of months or so…I called them tonight and had a great convo – and we did talk about Warrant and Jani’s demise. If you read this now and have been alone for more than a couple of days (that means two in my case) – call a friend just to say what’s up and make plans to do something or talk again – soon.

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