Internet Addiction

Internet addiction is identified by eight key signs. Look at this list of Internet addiction signs. If you fall into five or more of these Internet addiction signs then there is a probability that you have formed an Internet addiction.

1. Preoccupation: You constantly think and place your thoughts on previous Internet usage or actively anticipate your next online session. Many Internet addicts crave the Internet just like a coke addict who crave a line of cocaine.

2. Increasing usage: You require increasing amounts of time online to achieve satisfaction. Parent who’s spending 40 hours a week in a chat room probably neglect basic responsibilities such as doing laundry or preparing food for the kids.

3. Inability to stop: A constant failure to limit your Internet use, even after a number of tries. There are people that can’t stop themselves from visiting chat rooms even at work.

4. Withdrawal symptoms: You feel restless, moody, depressed, or irritable when you attempt to stop or reduce Internet use. Some people feel so bad in jobs where they don’t have Internet access that they make excuses to go home and surf the Internet.

5. Losing one’s sense of time: It is normal to let time slip by from time to time while using the Internet. This becomes an issue if it happens regularly.

6. Dangerous behaviors: You damage important and significant relationships, job, or career opportunity in order to go online.

7. Lying to use the Internet: You lie to family members, friends, a therapist, and/or others such as co-workers to hide the amount of your Internet use.

8. Escape reality: You avoid confronting problems by using the Internet, or to relieve depression or self esteem issues.

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