Marijuana Addiction

marijuana-leafMarijuana Addiction is not your usual addiction topic. This results partly from the discussion on whether marijuana is really addictive. Certainly there are symptoms associated with marijuana use that imply that there is indeed marijuana addiction, however it is not yet obvious if these symptoms are associated with dependence to marijuana or mostly habitual.

Even though there has been some positive research showing marijuana’s role in relieving side effects of cancer treatment, there is also newer research which shows the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms after long term marijuana use. This finding gives weight to the existence of marijuana addiction.

Marijuana addiction is certainly not deadly, but it can cause issues with problem solving and episodic memory. In this case a person’s quality of life is affected much more that a person’s life span. Despite all the negativity surrounding Marijuana Addiction, Marijuana users seems to function normally in main stream society. This obvious fact alone shows how complicated a discussion about Marijuana addiction can be.

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