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Drug and alcohol addiction is an ever-growing problem in the United States. All you have to do is look at the news and you will see how these dangerous addictions have the potential to seriously damage your life. It is devastating to your family, job, and health.

Fortunately, there are treatment options available to help you with this perilous disease. Kentucky 12 Step Programs can be a major part of these treatment options. We can help you find  programs like AA and NA meetings in Kentucky, all you have to do is call ​888-905-9004.

Is My Addiction Covered?

12 Step Programs in Kentucky

Yes, your addiction is most likely covered by one of the 12 Step Programs. There is one for just about every type of addiction. Once you have decided on treatment, you will want to find the support program that is right for you. A few of the main types of support program are:

These are only the most popular types of 12 Step Programs. There are many more.

Where Should I go for Help?

Whether you live in a big city like Frankfort or small towns like Dixon, treatment facilities have meetings like Kentucky AA Meetings. It is essential to find a treatment center because Kentucky 12 Step Programs are not enough on their own to end your addiction. You need counseling and possibly medication to do that.

These treatment centers offer:

12 Step groups help by providing a support structure for you to rely on and a clear path to recovery. A treatment center and counseling can help you discover and treat the cause and consequences of your addiction. To find the right treatment center for you, call ​888-905-9004.

Understanding the Different types of 12 Step Meetings in Kentucky

12 Step Meetings like Kentucky NA Meetings come in two main types and many subtypes. These two main types are:

  • Open meetings – meetings that are open to the public but only members can speak
  • Closed meetings – meetings that only allow the group members and newcomers in

Both of these types can be any one of the subtypes like Big book, sharing, or newcomer’s meetings.

There is one main difference between treatment with 12 Step Groups and treatment with other recovery support types. This difference is that 12 Step Groups view addiction as a disease you cannot control on your own. Other types of support groups like Rational Recovery believe that addiction is a choice and you can control it.

For more information or to find a treatment center with a 12 Step Group call us at ​888-905-9004. We can help.

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