Can I Bring My Husband to My AA Meeting?

Alcoholism is a family illness.  Alcohol use disorder affects spouses, children and even extended family members.  Thus, recovery is important for the entire family. Who Marries an Alcoholic? While there are some stereotypes regarding personality types who tend to marry alcoholics, the uncomfortable truth is that anyone can marry an alcoholic.  Anyone can suddenly find ….

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What Can I Expect at My First 12 Step Meeting?

Attending a 12 Step meeting for the first time can seem overwhelming, to say the least. Not knowing what to expect, feeling as if you have to participate and dealing with feelings of anxiety in general can make your first time at a meeting seem more difficult than it really is. The 12 Step support ….

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Are there Non Religious AA Meetings?

Yes, there are non-religious AA meetings. Although it is a commonly held belief that AA is a religious based organization, it does not have to be. 12 step, AA meetings are often modified for those who do not want a religious form of treatment. The popular criticism of AA being strictly religions is untrue. What ….

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Is a 12 Step Meeting Really Going to Change My Life?

The first meeting you attend may not go so far as to change your life, but it is likely that, if you stick with the program, it will make a tremendous difference in your recovery over time. Call now to find rehab programs where you can attend 12 step meetings and receive access to other ….

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Your First Meeting Checklist

Going to your first 12 step meeting can feel overwhelming. You don’t know what to expect. You don’t know what’s going to happen. And you don’t know a thing about AA or NA. Don’t worry. Here’s a first meeting checklist, giving you everything you need for first meeting success. Find the Right Meeting While any ….

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Why Is the Fellowship So Important in AA?

When people talk about AA, NA, and other 12 step groups, they’ll often mention the fellowship. But what is the fellowship? And how do you become a part of it? The 12 Step Fellowship When it comes to 12 step meetings and programs, there are two different aspects to consider. There’s the program, including the ….

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