Googling “Drinking In The Morning” Could Be A Sign

Two of the top searches that lead people to TDA are “drinking alone” and “drinking in the morning“. Those searches will direct people to these two posts – Alcoholism: Drinking Alone is not a Sure Sign and Drinking in the Morning. In both posts, TDA points out neither is a sure sign that you are an alcoholic and I would agree. Are you having a beer or two while watching the game alone after work or pounding a six pack just so you can forget the day? Are you indulging in a mimosa with friends for brunch or knocking back a few shots to quell the shakes. He explains that the reason for both activities is the true test. However, I would like to add that while those acts might not be a sure sign, I would suggest that if you are googling those terms in search of an answer to a question about yourself… your drinking is of concern and your concern is justified.

I can’t imagine that if one did not think there might be an issue, that they would google these terms on a whim. Now, it may be that the googler is seeking insight into another’s behavior; but if you are surfing the net to analyze your own behavior, I would deduce that you do think there is a problem…and I would suggest taking some proactive measures. So again, the indicator in my opinion is the reason for the search. Is it for someone you know, or you know who?

TDA Factoid – We’re number two in the search results for “drinking in the morning” and number three for “drinking alone”. Google it yourself and see what else you find.

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