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Alcohol and drug addictions are powerful enough to ruin your life. This simple addiction can take your health, your family, and eventually your life. One of the best ways to conquer addiction is through addiction treatment.

A complete addiction treatment center can help you recover. One way a treatment center can help is through the Missouri 12 Step Programs.

12 Step Meetings like NA Meetings in Missouri all are there to help you during the worst parts of our addiction. They will guide you by assisting you in establishing a support structure.

For help finding a treatment center near you, search the directory below or call our helpline at ​888-905-9004.

Is My Addiction Covered?

12 Step Programs in Missouri

Yes, your addiction is most likely covered by one of the many 12 Step Programs available. A few of the main programs are:

Some 12 Step Programs are very specific to a certain type of drug while others are more general and cover a wide selection of drugs.

Where Should I go for Help?

Although you can find programs anywhere from Jefferson City to Columbia, meetings like AA meetings in Missouri can only do so much. To conquer your addiction, you need to find a treatment center that works for you.

Addiction treatment centers offer:

Many of these treatment facilities offer 12 Step Groups in Missouri. To find the right treatment center for you, call ​888-905-9004. We can help.

Understanding the Different types of 12 Step Meetings in Missouri

Although there are many subtypes of meetings, there are only two main types. The two main types are open and closed meetings. Open meetings are open to the public for anyone including the curious to attend while closed meetings are for members and newcomers only.

Each meeting like Missouri NA Meetings has  a different topic or subtype. Two of the subtypes are Sharing meetings where everyone speaks and speakers meetings where someone who stopped their addiction speaks.

There are a few differences between 12 Step Groups and other support groups like SMART. Some of these differences are 12 Step Groups:

Each of these differences makes 12 Step Therapy an excellent option when combined with counseling and medication. For more information, call ​888-905-9004. We can help you to find the path to recovery.

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