Is A Sober Living Home For You?

drugs_1.news3You’ve just completed an in-patient drug or alcohol treatment program. You are ready to go out and face the world. But are you? If not, a sober living facility could be for you.

What exactly is a sober living facility? describes it:

Sober living is intended to be a transitional housing option for addicts and alcoholics who have already completed an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab program. Sober living is typically a group home providing support within its walls to and from the residents, all with the same common goal of staying sober from drugs and alcohol.

There are some requirements for living in such a place. These are common ones:

  • You must submit to random drug testing and searches of your room for drugs or alcohol.
  • You must get a job or go to school.
  • There is a curfew (usually around 9pm) that must be obeyed.
  • You must continue to attend AA-type meetings.
    Some residents can stay with family or friends on weekends, but that privilege must be earned.

A facility such as this could be perfect for the recovering addict who still needs help, and may not be able to get it at home. Here, you have your fellow recovering addicts to lean on and help you through the tough times.

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