Cure For Addictions Must Be Spiritual

One of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous is giving yourself over to a high power. But often times these days, the spiritual aspect of addiction recovery takes a back seat to the medical side. And that, said one expert, is a mistake. According to the Canadian Newspaper Guelph Mercury, Graeme Cunningham gave a speech ….

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Scientists Working On Vaccines To Treat Drug Addiction

It is not unusual for drug addicts to relapse after treatment. In fact, the rate is quite high. Scientists hope to reverse this trend in the future by coming up with vaccines to help addicts kick the habit. Fox News quotes a report from The Wall Street Journal that said scientists are working on vaccines ….

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Smoking Ban In Rehab Centers Is Bad Idea

Many drug and alcohol addiction facilities also ban cigarette smoking. But that might be hurting people’s recovery from their more serious addictions. Studies show that 75% of drug addicts and alcoholics are also smokers. So it would appear to make sense to ban cigarettes, in essence killing two birds with one stone. But according to ….

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Promising Results For Vaccine To Treat Meth Addiction

There could be promising news in the battle against methamphetamine addiction. Scientists are working on three formulations of a vaccine to treat meth addiction, and they report good results. There has been testing with other meth vaccines in the past, but they were either not effective or too expensive. Science Daily Report According to a ….

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More Seniors Seeking Addiction Treatment

The number of seniors in the United States seeking treatment for drug or alcohol treatment is skyrocketing, and it is only projected to get worse. According to a report from theAssociated Press, between 1992 and 2008 treatment admissions for people 50 and older more than doubled. Here are the raw numbers — 231,200 people sought ….

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Fewer Than 10% Of Addicts In Treatment

It is estimated that 23 million Americans are addicts – addicted to drugs or alcohol. However less than 10% of them are seeking treatment for their ailment. According to a report in The Sentinel, the numbers mean that one out of every eight Americans are struggling with an addiction. And 40% of them have a dual ….

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The “Quality Chasm” In Addiction Treatment

It is extremely difficult for addicts to finally admit that they have a problem and need help. So when addicts receive poor treatment, it is easy for them to question that decision. It is what the Institute of Medicine calls a “quality chasm” between effective care and the treatment people actually receive, according to a ….

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Treatment On Rise For Alcohol, Pot, Opiates

A new report on drug and alcohol treatment over the past decade shows a rise in people seeking treatment for alcohol, marijuana and opiate abuse. The report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) looked at treatment admissions for people age 12 and older from 1999 to 2009. Opiate addiction rose dramatically ….

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Innovative Drug Treatment For Boys & Their Families

An innovative new residential drug and alcohol treatment program that is geared towards treating young boys and their families has opened in Connecticut. According to a news release from PRNewswire, Rushford at Stonegate is a 16-bed facility in the town of Durham. The news release said it is a: 90-day program that provides a distinct ….

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A Pill To Help Treat Alcoholism?

There could soon be a pill on the market in Europe that purports to be an effective treatment for alcoholism. The Copenhagen Press reports that the drug called Nalmefene passed phase III clinical trials “with flying colors.” The pill comes from the Danish pharmaceuticals company Lundbeck. “We are pleased that we now have reached a ….

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